Week 2: The Top Earner $100k/month SoloAds Masterclass

Part 1 is here!

Also to get you started, i've included this as a BONUS.

You're in for a real treat with this 6 HOUR WEBINAR! I had to have it split in to 12 parts to upload it!

This is the ULTIMATE Solo Ads Training webinar!

Spanning over 6 hours, and containing some of my very best teachings on how I run Solo Ads and have made over
$5 Million with them, you'd better pay attention to everything I teach here!

This webinar has been sold to thousands of people for $1,000 - but it's yours to access for free as a valued TMI Member 😉

So unplug yourself from any distractions, take notes, and listen carefully, then remember "success loves speed" - make sure you implement ASAP!

Go be amazing,


NOTE: This is the Version 1.0 edition recording - I'm currently working on the updated V2.0 which you'll be the first to see LIVE...

PS. This module was originally created for my unreleased SoloAdsAgency.com Private Training Membership Site, hence the SAA logos, you're the first to see content from there, along with some of the other tools and resources, plus some great upcoming content... 😉

Download Section: My Traffic Sources Revealed

I've added THREE different Solo Ad rolodexes here - these contains sources I have used and sources you can go and contact tonight...

The first one is specifically within the IM/Make Money/MLM niche.

The second one has contacts for other niches such as weight loss.

The 3rd one contains contact details for actual traffic networks - this is high level for bigger deals if you're ready for that...