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  • Q.Why won't the videos load?

    A.Depending on the quality of your internet connection, the videos may take up to 5 minutes to load. If after 5 minutes they are still not loading, please refresh the page. If the issue continues, reset your internet connection.

  • Q.Why won't my computer recognise the PDF reports?

    A.Most computers already have Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader installed.  However, if you do not already have Acrobat Reader, you will need to download it in order to read the report. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you can download it free by clicking here.

  • Q.What does your team use for tracking conversions?

    A.We use Visual Website Optimizer. It’s the simplest, easiest tracking system to use and it makes split testing, heatmap tracking, multivariate tracking and more easy to control.

  • Q.I don't have the time or ability to implement all this, can you do it for me?

    A.Yes, we have Done For You packages where you can get traffic flowing to your funnels in 3 easy steps! Just CLICK HERE to view our packages.

  • Q.What are the typical conversion rates in our industry?

    A.This is a tough question to answer as we don’t have access to other peoples’ business data – and it always depends on traffic, funnels and a wide range of elements. If you ask someone about their business, the better questions to ask are: 1. What are your click to lead conversions rates? 2. What are your lead to buyer conversion rates? 3. What are your upsell conversion rates? These questions will help you get a better idea of potential business investments.

  • Q.Where can I get high quality traffic from?

    A.Sometimes it’s hard to find well tested, high converting traffic in our industry. A lot of traffic is burnt out and recycled. We’re proud to run the Solo Ads Agency – the premium source of done for you traffic in the home business industry. For 3 years we’ve been building exclusive relationships with some of the top traffic sources in the UK and USA for home businesses. We’re open to the public and deliver thousands of high quality clicks every month. Just click the link below to get started: Click Here To Get High Quality Done For You Traffic

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